A Little Introduction

If you’re reading this then somehow, you have managed to stumble upon my little corner of the internet. I’m Belle and am very happy to welcome you here! I have decided to call myself Belle on here as it fitted with the name I wanted to use for my blog although I have many nicknames that I am often called. My full name is Isabelle so Belle comes from the end of the name and on twitter; I am viewed as ‘Izzi’, however I am sometimes called ‘Iz’ or ‘Isa’ (by my Spanish teacher!).

Last night I was lying in bed at around 1am trying to get to sleep and as usual my mind was wandering to other things, mainly about creating a blog. I have wanted to create a blog for years now as I like being able to be creative and have always loved writing,  I have tried to start one a couple of times before but it never really worked out. This time, I hope to stick to writing posts about a range of things – including beauty, fashion and also recipes.

The name of this blog came to me whilst lying in bed last night too, ‘pocket sized’ mainly refers to my height; next to my friends I am always one of the smallest, small height, small feet, small hands – pocket sized! ‘Belle’ of course refers to my name but it’s also associated with the French word belle meaning “beautiful” and I plan on talking a bit about beauty on here as it is definitely something I have a passion for.

I hope you enjoy what is to come on this blog.

Belle x


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