My Skincare Favourites



It’s me Belle, back with a proper blog post this time. I thought that something appropriate to blog about would be my skincare, I’m no skincare whiz and to be honest I’m not too sure what I’m talking about but I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my skin in the last month or so and it’s all down to some new products I’ve bought so I thought I’d share what they are.

I would say I have normal to combination skin, it rarely gets oily and occasionally I get dry patches but overall it’s not too crazy! I’ve never suffered with acne or big, red, inflamed spots particularly but for a long time now, I have had thousands (I kid you not – there were so many!) of little bumps all over my forehead which especially in certain lights, made my skin look terrible but a mixture of products has definitely seemed to help.

In the morning, I tend to only use the Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner as I often have a small amount of time to get ready. I find that this product is perfect for removing any leftover makeup or dirt from my skin as well as being very refreshing and allowing my face to have a much better base for my makeup.

The first product I always use in my routine is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, I’ve used this makeup remover for so long now and I haven’t actually tried another one since I first got this – I think I’m onto my third bottle of it. It’s definitely a good price, especially for the amount of it that you get and it does a very good job at removing my makeup and starting to cleanse my skin.

One of my new purchases is the Nspa Hot Cloth Polish (you can pick this up in ASDA) which I believe is very similar to Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish, many reviews online rate it highly and compare its likeness which is why I decided to try it, especially as it is half the price! I use this along with the muslin cloth included and I really found it to brighten my skin and help it to feel smoother, I definitely will re-purchase it when I run out and I plan on trying more of the Nspa range.

After this, on some evenings I use the St Ives Apricot Scrub which is a new product for me and I think potentially a big help in helping my skin. It is quite an abrasive scrub with a very ‘scrubby’ texture, unlike many I have tried before that are more gel than scrub, because of this I would say this product is perhaps not for those with sensitive skin, although I definitely love it.

Last of all is my moisturiser, which is new to me and is from Clean & Clear, the ‘Dual Action Moisturiser’. It claims to help prevent spots and blemishes and I’m not sure if it has helped with this but it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft, probably not the best moisturiser I’ve ever tried but it does the job.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!

Belle x


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