Mini Beauty Haul + Review


For this blog post I’m going to be doing a little haul and review on some  beauty products I’ve purchased. I bought these all sometime in January so I’ve been using them for a reasonable amount of time now and I am able to give my tried and tested opinion on these items.

One of the products I’ve picked up is the ‘Garnier Ultimate Blends the Marvellous Glow Oil’. This oil claims to ‘nourish, protect and perfect’, containing argan and camellia oils and can be used any time – before and after washing as well as before heat styling. I rub two drops between my palms and distribute the oil evenly through my hair after showering (when my hair is wet) and also apply it the same way before using heat on my hair. I absolutely love using this product at the moment because I have definitely noticed my hair looking and feeling healthier, I have even had a few people tell me how shiny and healthy my hair has been looking! I bought this from Boots for £9.99, although it is often reduced to £6.66.P1010481 (2)

Another item I have purchased is the ‘Maybelline Instant Anti-Age the Eraser Eye Concealer’ which I have been using almost every day and it has probably become my new favourite concealer. I have some pretty awful dark circles and this concealer covers them very well whilst still being very lightweight, easy to blend and not going cakey or patchy (like my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer seems to do on me). The concealer has a round sponge tip and the head of the applicator is turned and clicked to get the product out, it is very different to the applicators of previous concealers I’ve tried but it seems to work for me. This is a new step to my makeup routine and I would definitely recommend this concealer, it can be purchased in Boots for £7.99.

P1010484 (2)

I realised recently that I was running out of my favourite moisturiser so I knew I had to go out and purchase it again from Boots, it’s the ‘No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream’ and can be bought for £9.50. It appears thick in the pot it comes in although it sinks well into the skin and leaves it soft and smooth, it provides moisture to my skin and I use it most mornings before applying my makeup. It is exactly what I need to start my morning routine and is a product I will always repurchase.

P1010493 (2)

The last product I am going to talk about is something I am very late to the hype on, it’s the ‘Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Kit’ which has been raved about for a long while now but I have only just decided to buy the set. The set contains a black travel case which I haven’t used yet but would be very useful  and also 4 brushes; a detailer brush, a contour brush, a buffing brush and also a pointed foundation brush. I don’t really use the detailer brush but I believe it would be great for covering specific areas with concealer or using it as a lip/eye liner brush. The contour brush is very useful for exactly how the name suggests and creates a seamless finish to your contour and I regularly use the buffing brush for foundation as it creates an air brushed finish that is perfect and blends the entire product amazingly. I would never actually use the pointed foundation brush for foundation but I have loved using it to set my under eye concealer with powder. This can of course be bought in Boots but for a cheaper alternative, the exact same set can be picked up in supermarkets or Amazon (where I bought mine from) for significantly less.

P1010494 (2)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I’d love it if you followed and checked out the rest of my posts.

Belle x


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