Magic Chocolate Pudding


Today I’m writing about a recipe that I seriously LOVE – this ‘magic’ chocolate pudding tastes incredible and is a perfect family pudding so I thought I should let you know how I make it.IMG_0764


For the pudding:
4oz  margarine
4oz sugar
4oz  self raising flour
2 eggs
2tbsp cocoa powder
150g raspberries
For the sauce:
300ml boiling water
4oz brown sugar
2tbsp cocoa powder


First, preheat your oven to 180C and put all of the pudding ingredients listed above into a bowl and beat well with a mixer until smooth and creamy.

Once this is beaten well, optionally, fold in some raspberries which I think make this quite chocolate-heavy pudding a bit lighter and even more tasty!
Spread into a pudding dish, you will notice it doesn’t look like much mixture but don’t worry, that will change when its cooked.
In a jug, dissolve the brown sugar and cocoa in the boiling water before pouring over the pudding mixture slowly. This looks very out of proportion because there is so much more sauce than pudding but this is a ‘self-saucing’ pudding so the sauce sinks to the bottom when cooked .
Bake for about 25-30 minutes at 180C and when finished, the pudding will have come away from the edges of the dish and you will see the sauce bubbling up the sides.
It can be served with custard, ice-cream, cream or anything else you can think of. Enjoy!
Thanks for reading,
Belle x




My Daily Face

Hello again!

I thought that today I would write about my everyday make-up routine after doing a little poll on Twitter to find out what you wanted to see. This is the look I tend to wear every day and is a very simple selection of products, with no fancy eye-shadow or lipstick – I don’t have time in the morning! I plan on doing more exciting (is that the right word to use?) make-up looks in the future but I thought this was the perfect one to start with.

daily face 1

After cleansing and moisturising my face in the morning I will start out with my Rimmel Lasting Finish primer which contains glycerin and is perfect for keeping my make-up on all day and creating a smooth base for my face make-up.

I use a mixture of two concealers first which are the Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer and the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (it looks disgusting in the photo but mine always seem to do this?). I apply the Maybelline one under my eyes and onto my cheeks before blending it in with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge or the Buffing Brush. I then apply the Collection concealer on any blemishes and blend it in the same way. I continue my routine by powdering with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and a little Eco Tools brush – and there we go, my base done!

To finish, I curl my lashes and then apply several coats of the Rimmel Max Volume Flash mascara which I love, but I never hear it talked about. Another product I use on a daily basis is my Loreal Brow Artist Plumper which said in a simpler way would be a ‘brow mascara’ and is perfect for adding a bit of colour and shape to my eyebrows but still keeping them natural. To finish, I always apply some kind of lip balm and occasionally a lipstick – at the moment I’ve been loving the Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss lipstick in 110, a perfect orangey/red colour.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Belle x


Mini Beauty Haul + Review


For this blog post I’m going to be doing a little haul and review on some  beauty products I’ve purchased. I bought these all sometime in January so I’ve been using them for a reasonable amount of time now and I am able to give my tried and tested opinion on these items.

One of the products I’ve picked up is the ‘Garnier Ultimate Blends the Marvellous Glow Oil’. This oil claims to ‘nourish, protect and perfect’, containing argan and camellia oils and can be used any time – before and after washing as well as before heat styling. I rub two drops between my palms and distribute the oil evenly through my hair after showering (when my hair is wet) and also apply it the same way before using heat on my hair. I absolutely love using this product at the moment because I have definitely noticed my hair looking and feeling healthier, I have even had a few people tell me how shiny and healthy my hair has been looking! I bought this from Boots for £9.99, although it is often reduced to £6.66.P1010481 (2)

Another item I have purchased is the ‘Maybelline Instant Anti-Age the Eraser Eye Concealer’ which I have been using almost every day and it has probably become my new favourite concealer. I have some pretty awful dark circles and this concealer covers them very well whilst still being very lightweight, easy to blend and not going cakey or patchy (like my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer seems to do on me). The concealer has a round sponge tip and the head of the applicator is turned and clicked to get the product out, it is very different to the applicators of previous concealers I’ve tried but it seems to work for me. This is a new step to my makeup routine and I would definitely recommend this concealer, it can be purchased in Boots for £7.99.

P1010484 (2)

I realised recently that I was running out of my favourite moisturiser so I knew I had to go out and purchase it again from Boots, it’s the ‘No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream’ and can be bought for £9.50. It appears thick in the pot it comes in although it sinks well into the skin and leaves it soft and smooth, it provides moisture to my skin and I use it most mornings before applying my makeup. It is exactly what I need to start my morning routine and is a product I will always repurchase.

P1010493 (2)

The last product I am going to talk about is something I am very late to the hype on, it’s the ‘Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Kit’ which has been raved about for a long while now but I have only just decided to buy the set. The set contains a black travel case which I haven’t used yet but would be very useful  and also 4 brushes; a detailer brush, a contour brush, a buffing brush and also a pointed foundation brush. I don’t really use the detailer brush but I believe it would be great for covering specific areas with concealer or using it as a lip/eye liner brush. The contour brush is very useful for exactly how the name suggests and creates a seamless finish to your contour and I regularly use the buffing brush for foundation as it creates an air brushed finish that is perfect and blends the entire product amazingly. I would never actually use the pointed foundation brush for foundation but I have loved using it to set my under eye concealer with powder. This can of course be bought in Boots but for a cheaper alternative, the exact same set can be picked up in supermarkets or Amazon (where I bought mine from) for significantly less.

P1010494 (2)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I’d love it if you followed and checked out the rest of my posts.

Belle x

Cookies Recipe


These are some cookies I’ve made several times and would class them as almost ‘cake cookies’ which have an amazing soft and gooey texture, definitely one for you to try! I originally got this recipe off BBC Good Food (a fantastic website for anyone looking for recipes) but I have altered it a bit and I can’t seem to find that original recipe.

Time: Around an hour for me but could easily be less if you put more batches than I did in at once and also aren’t as slow as I am in the kitchen!

Serves: Up to 25, depends on how big you want to make each cookie


300g brown sugar

2 eggs

300g self raising flour

200g butter/margarine

2 tsp vanilla extract

80g cocoa powder

1 tsp baking powder

100-300g chocolate (the amount can vary as it depends on how much you like; it can be chocolate chips or pieces of a bar)


1. Preheat your oven to 180 and make sure you have some lined baking trays for later

2. In a bowl, cream the butter and sugar until it is light and fluffy

3. Beat in the vanilla extract and also the eggs

4. In a separate bowl (I did it in the weighing scales bowl) sift the flour, the cocoa and the baking powder all together.

5. Add this mix to the creamed mix in stages, making sure to mix it well together

6. Fold the chocolate into the mixture until it is all combined

7. Spoon the mixture onto a baking tray and (giving it a bit of help) let it drop off the spoon into a dollop which you can prod around to make sure its a nice circle. The size of the cookie depends on what you want yours like, you could even make just one cookie! I made just over twenty and used a dessert spoon to create the ‘dollops’. Make sure you leave enough space between each cookie as they do spread.

8. Bake in your oven for 12 minutes, when you have taken them out, they should still be soft so leave them to cool completely before moving them.

9. Enjoy your delicious cookies!

I hope some of you try this out, they really do taste amazing.

Belle x

My Skincare Favourites



It’s me Belle, back with a proper blog post this time. I thought that something appropriate to blog about would be my skincare, I’m no skincare whiz and to be honest I’m not too sure what I’m talking about but I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my skin in the last month or so and it’s all down to some new products I’ve bought so I thought I’d share what they are.

I would say I have normal to combination skin, it rarely gets oily and occasionally I get dry patches but overall it’s not too crazy! I’ve never suffered with acne or big, red, inflamed spots particularly but for a long time now, I have had thousands (I kid you not – there were so many!) of little bumps all over my forehead which especially in certain lights, made my skin look terrible but a mixture of products has definitely seemed to help.

In the morning, I tend to only use the Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner as I often have a small amount of time to get ready. I find that this product is perfect for removing any leftover makeup or dirt from my skin as well as being very refreshing and allowing my face to have a much better base for my makeup.

The first product I always use in my routine is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, I’ve used this makeup remover for so long now and I haven’t actually tried another one since I first got this – I think I’m onto my third bottle of it. It’s definitely a good price, especially for the amount of it that you get and it does a very good job at removing my makeup and starting to cleanse my skin.

One of my new purchases is the Nspa Hot Cloth Polish (you can pick this up in ASDA) which I believe is very similar to Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish, many reviews online rate it highly and compare its likeness which is why I decided to try it, especially as it is half the price! I use this along with the muslin cloth included and I really found it to brighten my skin and help it to feel smoother, I definitely will re-purchase it when I run out and I plan on trying more of the Nspa range.

After this, on some evenings I use the St Ives Apricot Scrub which is a new product for me and I think potentially a big help in helping my skin. It is quite an abrasive scrub with a very ‘scrubby’ texture, unlike many I have tried before that are more gel than scrub, because of this I would say this product is perhaps not for those with sensitive skin, although I definitely love it.

Last of all is my moisturiser, which is new to me and is from Clean & Clear, the ‘Dual Action Moisturiser’. It claims to help prevent spots and blemishes and I’m not sure if it has helped with this but it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft, probably not the best moisturiser I’ve ever tried but it does the job.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!

Belle x

A Little Introduction

If you’re reading this then somehow, you have managed to stumble upon my little corner of the internet. I’m Belle and am very happy to welcome you here! I have decided to call myself Belle on here as it fitted with the name I wanted to use for my blog although I have many nicknames that I am often called. My full name is Isabelle so Belle comes from the end of the name and on twitter; I am viewed as ‘Izzi’, however I am sometimes called ‘Iz’ or ‘Isa’ (by my Spanish teacher!).

Last night I was lying in bed at around 1am trying to get to sleep and as usual my mind was wandering to other things, mainly about creating a blog. I have wanted to create a blog for years now as I like being able to be creative and have always loved writing,  I have tried to start one a couple of times before but it never really worked out. This time, I hope to stick to writing posts about a range of things – including beauty, fashion and also recipes.

The name of this blog came to me whilst lying in bed last night too, ‘pocket sized’ mainly refers to my height; next to my friends I am always one of the smallest, small height, small feet, small hands – pocket sized! ‘Belle’ of course refers to my name but it’s also associated with the French word belle meaning “beautiful” and I plan on talking a bit about beauty on here as it is definitely something I have a passion for.

I hope you enjoy what is to come on this blog.

Belle x